Hen’s Night…..

here are the photo’s from my maid of honor:


hen’s night

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This is my cuz, sarah getting fitted for her bride’s maid dress

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Invites final

The invites went out 3 months ago, I havent heard a nice thing about since:

look for yourself:

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Hair and Make Up Trails

Tonight, the girls came over to get their hair and make up done:

And the results:

There you go!

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Food, Yummy, Yummy and I mean Yummy Food!

On June 3rd, Justin and I was invited to Lyrebird falls, to have a taste of their menu to see what we like.

Of course, Never take Justin when he is hungry. He was eating everyone else peices, but there really was no need, there was lots of tasting and it was YUM!

Mint Lamb Parcel: it was fresh and had a hint of mint, it was yum!

Thai Beef Salad – I didnt get to taste this one, but justin did say it was good, but Justin was hungry!

This is the roast pork…. my god it was so good!

this the roast lamb…. so juicy!

the chicken… wasn’t my favuorite.

We are still deciding  what to have.

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We got the cars last week! YAY!

I was hoping for my uncle to use his car, but unfortunate his car died and wouldn’t be ready in time for the wedding. I was upset, but there not much you can do, I did love his car, I went to my deb in it.

Justin looked around, and found it expensive for cars, but found one in Koo Wee Rup, (just around the corner from Adam West)!

We went to have a look:

This is only one of the cars, but they have 2. The other one is white, with red inside.

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The World is Full of Nice People.

I saw this clip about a bunch of stranger suprising a couple who got married by a judge, with a wedding. The strange supplied the guest, a mother and father of the bride, a mother and father of the groom, bridemaids, grooms men, presents and best of all cake:

I hope you enjoy it!

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A DJ I don’t want at my wedding

I know, you’re giggling away too!

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Little Tokens Of Love.

It is amazing to see what else everyone else around the world is doing for their weddings, and to show their love for one and another, let me show some I have found from just looking around!

This is called ‘How We Meet’

I love this one, becuase its different and it has an animation to it, but the girlfriend in the clip is also named Michelle.

Its not offical unless its on Facebook!

Wedding Invites with a difference:

Suprise!!!!!! Its your wedding:

Wedding Emergenace:

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Intives are coming around.

I have been playing with ideas for invites, and trying to find a style of invites that show who Justin and I really are. I decided to design a comic book. I draw up a comic of how we meet and how we got engaged and how the wedding has been taking place. I show justin what i have created so far, and he giggled, this was hoping to get from him. Got his approval:

this is the front cover. To see the rest you just have to wait!

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